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Total Filtration 

Filtration Manufacture and Supply

Filters for Gasses

Heating and Ventilation

H&V Filtration is probably the most widely applied form used in the market.

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Strainers used in air applications tend to be simple in nature common applications include post installation "flushing" strainers, Prevention of desiccant or specialist absorber carry over, filter and equipment protection.

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The use of compressed gas as a motive force is commonplace but the tolerances in modern pneumatic systems means that filtration is ever more important. Dryers, Filters Coalsescors, Oilers, Strainers, Chemical Adsorbers are all used to ensure clean dry air is provided to the work or the consumer.

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Instrumentation / Analyser & Specials

Analysis and control is crucial to many process from gas analysers in car maintenance bays to emission control in power stations and environmental and process monitoring filters must be carefully specified to avoid sample lag and prevent false readings due to chemical characteristics of materials used.

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Filters For Liquid


Due to a liquid flows ability to carry a very wide range of particles long distances strainer applications in liquids are many and various. From simple screens to complex self cleaning installations they vary in complexity and materials of construction dependent upon the service requirements of the application.

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Hydraulic systems can be pure oil, oil water emulsion or water based. In each case the basic applications for filtration are the same:

Suction Strainers protect pumps from large potentially damaging items.

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Process Liquid

Many process applications require filter systems, the range of materials used in their construction offers a spectrum of chemical compatibilities to suit many applications. In most cases a filter cartridge or bag is placed inside a suitable plastic or metal housing.

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Phase Separation

Two immiscible fluids that have different densities and have an appropriate interfacial tension can be separated under flow conditions. Minute droplets are captured grown and separated in a process called coalescing.

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