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Total Filtration Limited

Filtration Manufacture and Supply

Heating and Ventilation

H&V Filtration is probably the most widely applied form used in the market.

It comes in many forms:

P12.2Mat Rolls and Pads: Are graded synthetic materials layers and bound, they provide simple fairly coarse filtration and are commonly applied in applications such as car spraying etc. Medias can be cut into pads for convenience.

Simple Packs or Panels are normally rectangular integrally framed filter medias designed to fit into ducts and are used in many applications. Frames are treated card or metal. They are normally rated between G2 and F9

For finer filtration or extended life the media in panel filters can be pleated to extend its surface area and therefore reduce initial differential pressure. They are normally rated between G2-F9

Multi pocket bag filters offer even finer levels of filtration and are normally supported by rigid frames various configurations are available some with self supporting rigid pockets. They are normally protected by Panel Filters. They are normally rated between G2-F9

ULPA and HEPA filters offer the finest levels of air filtration available and can achieve clean room standards they are pleated in configuration, various sizes are available and gasket options can be critical if specifying retrospectively. They are normally rated between H10 (E10) up to H15 (U15)+

P12.3P12.4In catering applications grease panels are used above ranges to ensure ducts are not contaminated with Greases and oils.

Total Filtration can meet all of these requirements