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Strainers used in air applications tend to be simple in nature common applications include post installation "flushing" strainers, Prevention of desiccant or specialist absorber carry over, filter and equipment protection.

These units are employed widely and to meet a vast range of applications. They are various in nature and some of the typical forms are:

Flange, cone and disk. Are strainers that are placed directly into pipe work and are commonly used to ensure that commissioning contaminants do not migrate through systems.

Single strainers are pressure vessels that contain a mesh or perforated plate, normally in a basket form, these filters do not require the pipe to be broken to clean the baskets but process flow must cease.

Dual or Duplex Strainers are effectively two single strainers with an external or internal valve arrangement to allow flow to be directed through either or both baskets thus allowing cleaning while process flow continues or double flow for peak conditions.

Automatic or Self cleaning strainers are not very common in gas applications but self cleaning / reverse jetting bulk dust collection services are widely distributed.

Total Filtration can meet all of these requirements