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Total Filtration Limited

Filtration Manufacture and Supply


The use of compressed gas as a motive force is commonplace but the tolerances in modern pneumatic systems means that filtration is ever more important. Dryers, Filters Coalsescors, Oilers, Strainers, Chemical Adsorbers are all used to ensure clean dry air is provided to the work or the consumer.

P13.2Compressed Air is used extensively in modern industry from Tyre pressurization to complex robotic and packaging mechanisms.

Compressors provide the actual pressurised air into the system.

Dryers are used to reduce the water content in the air thus produced and fall into two main types Refrigerant dryers lower the temperature to remove the moisture, desiccant dryers use chemical adsorption to reduce the humidity levels.

Particle filters prevent desiccant carryover and remove any solids introduced into the system from the environment, by corrosion or due to mechanical breakdown of components

Coalescor filters remove fluids from the air capturing droplets and releasing them in gross form where they can be drained either manually or automatically.


Filter Regulators as the name implies provide the protection of a filter coupled with an integral pressure regulator.

Oilers are used to introduce an aerosol of lubricant into the flow to facilitate the operation of downstream equipment and should never be placed upstream of a coalescing filter.

P13.3Carbon Monoxide converters catalytically convert CO to CO2 especially important in breathing air applications.

Molecular Sieves and Silica Gels are employed to selectively remove chemical contaminants.

Total Filtration can meet all of these requirements