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Total Filtration Limited

Filtration Manufacture and Supply

Instrumentation / Analyser & Specials

Analysis and control is crucial to many process from gas analysers in car maintenance bays to emission control in power stations and environmental and process monitoring filters must be carefully specified to avoid sample lag and prevent false readings due to chemical characteristics of materials used.


Control and analysis systems are becoming more critical and demanding from engine output monitoring to critical safety and process management systems.

Speed of response and void volume are critical to these applications may require exotic materials or encapsulated filters (for ease of change or to prevent cross contamination.

Many of these housings have three ports to facilitate a filtered sample being taken from within the process stream.



With our manufacturing experience we can often offer cost effective solutions to the problems of:

  • Obsolete / withdrawn filters.
  • Variation on a standard unit.
  • Expensive or difficult to source filters
  • Filters matched to a specific application.

Total Filtration can meet all of these requirements