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Total Filtration Limited

Filtration Manufacture and Supply

Process Liquid

Many process applications require filter systems, the range of materials used in their construction offers a spectrum of chemical compatibilities to suit many applications. In most cases a filter cartridge or bag is placed inside a suitable plastic or metal housing.

P16.2The simplest form is the bag filter, solids are collected on the inside of the bag. They are available in several materials and efficiencies and offer cost effective and very applicable in batch production.


Wound, Spun and Resin Bonded cartridges are available in a vast range of materials and are normally provided in multiples of a nominal 250mm (10”) Length. In terms of efficiency they are ranked Spun, Resin Bonded, Wound (most to least efficient).

P16.4Membranes (with controlled synthetic pores) are used when high efficiency, micro fine particle capture is required.

Reverse osmosis membranes are used in desalination and dialysis applications.

Cross flow membranes are used in specific conditions of solids or dewatering.

Total Filtration can meet all of these requirements