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Total Filtration 

Filtration Manufacture and Supply

Chemical & Petrochemical

Petrochemical (including the provision of fuel) and Chemical manufacture are massive markets for filtration.


P8.2From source to use filters form an integral part of the safe reliable production and distribution of products Total Filtration have been meeting these needs for decades:

  • P8.3At source Oil rigs and support vessels require filters in a vast number of applications from engine fuel and lubrication to ventilation and galley filters to drinking / wash water bacterial protection.
  • In distribution the vessels carrying the materials require filters on Engines Control systems and other applications.
  • Phase separators (coalescors, strippers) are an essential component in the production of the fuels in the refinery.


thumb P8.4A wide variety of process filters are required to fulfil the duties in this industry a wide spectrum of chemical compatibility and efficiencies including:

  • P8.5Bags
  • Cartridges depth and membrane
  • Chemical adsorption
  • Reverse osmosis and cross flow membrane systems
  • Phase separators (including a range with no metal components)

Total Filtration can meet all of these requirements