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Filtration Manufacture and Supply

Food Beverage & Pharmaceutical

The manufacture and Supply of Pharmaceuticals and foods present some of the most critical applications in filtration. Cleanliness and Quality of both the production environment and raw materials are fundamental factors in the provision of consistent and safe products to the final consumer.

Food and Beverage

P6.2With health and safety demands and customer expectations increasing cleanliness is obviously of prime concern wherever foods or beverages are made or handled. Pneumatics play a major role in controlling F&B preparation equipment as in a majority of cases hydraulics are inappropriate, however hydraulic applications my occur at loading areas etc.

Air filtration and quality are of critical importance to both product quality and shelf life.

Water filtration equipment ensures the clarity of wash, process and ingredients. Vacuum pump exhaust filters and filter silencers are used widely where required as well as specialist filters in Chocolate manufacture and in situ steam or cold sterilizable units are employed in a variety of applications especially in brewing. Even in Restaurants and Fast food outlets grease filters protect the environments and decrease the risk of duct fires.

Health and Pharmaceutical

P6.3Health has always been a significant market for filtration. Obviously clean air in operating theatres enhances patient recovery, but many other applications go relatively unnoticed. Reverse osmosis and water filters for Dialysis units. Water filters for cooling and maintaining specialist equipment. Medical gas filters and membranes used in Labs. Vacuum and Vac exhaust filters, Ultra violet sterilization as well as many other specialist units compliment the already large range required to maintain the buildings of such extensive organisations.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers are necessarily aware of critical air cleanliness and complete Clean Room environments are often provided to ensure product quality. Filters can be critical in the preparation of raw materials and even product recovery.

Total Filtration can meet all of these requirements