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Total Filtration 

Filtration Manufacture and Supply


There are innumerable applications for filtration in almost every form of industry with many specialist applications.

Filtration for IndustryRanging from Mining and metal production / reclamation at the Heavy end to Silicon Wafer production at the cleaner end filters are essential in virtually all industries. It is difficult to imagine an industry that is not touched by filtration.

The provision of plant services Pneumatics and Hydraulics is a fundamental requirement of almost all plants and require filtration for efficient dependable production.

thumb P5.3Other applications are industry dependant ranging from self cleaning strainers and high cleanliness water using membranes and RO systems.

In the middle of these extremes are the filters in the range 1 to 50 micron for liquid filtration these units are available in a variety of forms and sizes and can be manufactured to your specific requirements.

Filtration for Industry

This compliments our range of distributed products from other market leading OEMs

In gasses from general ventilation air to pneumatics / instrument / Analyser protection all the way to the clean environments provided by Hepa filters.

Total Filtration can meet all of these requirements