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Total Filtration 

Filtration Manufacture and Supply

OEM & Reseller

Filters are our business and have been for over four decades. As well as our distributed ranges we are an experienced batch filter manufacturer with many thousands of designs already established.

For the reseller:

P7.3As well as our experience in cost effective sourcing of filter products from around the globe we are an extremely cost effective manufacturer.

From one of our thousands of existing drawings, a sample or a drawing we can produce filters to suit almost any application.

For the OEM:

For OEMs in the filter trade we can offer batch manufacturing facilities for products that are difficult to source, for pilot batches or for products nearing the nearing of their life cycle. Of course we are happy to make full production runs on your behalf when required.

P7.2In some cases the customer will need a variation of the standard product that is uneconomic to produce in low volume Total Filtration is the solution.

For OEMs in the truest sense (those adding filters to their own products) Total Filtration will design and build a product that matches your requirement ... give that product a unique part number specific to you (referring all customers to you for spares).

Products are made in our Cardiff plant which is ISO9001 certified, and can be shipped anywhere in the world in plain boxes or your own packaging if provided.

Total Filtration can meet all of these requirements,.