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Total Filtration 

Filtration Manufacture and Supply


The provision of fundamental services often goes unnoticed but a massive infrastructure is required to achieve this goal ... Total Filtration can provide products and services for all of these markets.

Power Generation and Distribution


In some generation applications large diesel engines are used these require Lube and fuel oil filters similar to those employed in the marine market.
Larger Gas, oil or coal applications have numerous filter applications throughout the plant and for control of materials output into the environment.

Nuclear plants have many applications and are obviously critical in nature, they have very stringent environmental standards to maintain and often employ the much higher level of filtration provided by HEPA filters.
Hydroelectric generation requires Air filtration and Oil filtration as well as applying phase separators to ensure no overspill occurs.

Applications within specific power plants vary for example Gas Turbines have their own unique filtration requirements. Power distribution systems can extend the life of their high resistance transformer oils by centralised or in-situ filtration.

Even green technologies require clean hydraulics and remote condition monitoring often in adverse conditions.



From Source to user the provision of clean dry safe gas is a huge undertaking.

This field typically uses phase separators to ensure the removal of free water, strainers are heavily utilised as are finer filters.

Gas transported by see requires specialist marine vessels that in turn require all of the filters described in the Marine section.

Pressurising pumps and compressors require filters



Clean safe water and waste disposal are a prerequisite of modern living.
The applications range from massive civil engineering works like filter beds and reservoirs.

But much smaller units are also employed.

Strainers in almost every conceivable form as well as fine polishing filters at or near point of use are commonly used.

Ultraviolet sterilisation and chemical adsorption are also widely employed both in municipal and private supplies.

Total Filtration can meet all of these requirements